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Warsaw Chess Club

"Chess, like love, like music, has the power to make men happy." - Siegbert Tarrasch

Warsaw Chess Club is an initiative founded jointly by enthusiasts of the royal game from the consulting company Enky Consulting and the technology start-up Scanye.

In chess and in business, it is important to think for a few moves ahead and to constantly develop.  At the same time, we believe that  you can't grow alone.

That is why we decided to build a community of people combining good fun with constant work on ourselves.

We hope that  and you will join us to spend an inspiring time playing the noblest game  and establishing business contacts at the chessboard.

Club members

We are people from different industries and worlds. Meet us.

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Piotr Czajkowski

President of the Warsaw Chess Club

Entrepreneur and startup founder. A financier by education, a graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics. In the past, he was associated with the drone market and the real estate market. A graduate of the MIT Enterprise Forum program for the best startups in the CEE region.

He believes that chess is worth playing at any level and is constantly promoting the royal game to friends who are more or less willing to play.


Marcin M. Dominiak

Vice-president of Warsaw Chess Club

Project Manager at the Enky Consulting consulting boutique. He graduated from the Warsaw School of Economics and is an IT consultant by education. He has experience in obtaining financing as well as managing and accounting for projects financed from the EU budget. He is the author of the State of Warsaw IT report for Warsaw, which is to premiere in early 2022. His adventure with chess began with him already in high school, and with time came the love of sitting in smoky rooms, with jazz and a royal game.


Łukasz Podgajny

Member of the club

Product Owner of the technology startup Scanye. For 6 years she has been bravely going through the meanders of taxes and assignments, making the life of accountants better.   He is a graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics (MIESI and E-business), but most of all - a perfectionist.  He practices calisthenics and has trained taekwondo for years. Can notice a 3 mm difference in the position of the logo and a double space in a document of several dozen pages. 


Robert Krasiewicz

Vice-president of Warsaw Chess Club

Chess referee of the international class (FIDE Arbiter 2020). Chess coach of the 2nd class (2018).

Member of the board of the Masovian Chess Federation, former president of MZSzach. Chess enthusiast and popularizer, founder of the Crasievitch Chess School.


FM Stanisław Osiecki

Substantive Patron

A chess master, class I instructor, teaching chess at the Sochaczew Cultural Center. 

A lover of aggressive games, loves blitz games.


Magdalena Górajek


A graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics, professionally associated with the real estate market.


Bartłomiej Cylc

Member of the club

A graduate of the Faculty of Mechatronics at the Warsaw University of Technology. Associated with the educational industry.  


Christopher Regliński

Member of the club

A graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology. SAS developer. 

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Michał Mądry

Member of the club

Managing Partner  and founder of Enky Consulting. In his career, he has led projects for several Fortune500 companies and the public sector in the field of modern technologies, process optimization and new business models. Co-founder and founder of the successfully sold startup Benji's Planet. Certified expert in modern management methods, accredited by international institutions for project management, change, business analysis and innovation.


Adrian Zwoliński

Member of the club

PhD student in economics at the Warsaw School of Economics, member of the Bar Association in Warsaw. He deals with the issues of the financial market, development economics and economic analysis of law. Expert of the Lewiatan Confederation for the financial market and corporate law. Boym Institute analyst in the field of macroeconomics and the economy of developing countries "


Tadeusz Chruściel

Member of the club

A graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics. Co-founder of the startup Scanye.


Jakub Sachs

Member of the club

A graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics. Associated with the consulting industry.


Michał Tajchert

Member of the club

Mobile Technology Leader at, creator of the Kanarek app, Pola app, and also a very rich business and programming experience.


Oskar De Nisau


A graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics. Associated with the consulting industry.


Michał Janowicz

Member of the club

A graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics.

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Bartholomew Merchant

Member of the club

Lawyer and  climate policy analyst. A graduate of law at the Jagiellonian University.

He loves chess because it connects people regardless of their beliefs or origin.

Chess Game

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